Definitely use this team if you are getting married on Maui!  We are from the Seattle area and had never been to Maui before our wedding.  I heard about Kyle and Lena from a friend who used them and decided to use them based on her recommendation and the really great prices compared to some of the other wedding coordinators on Maui.  They chose the best location and time for our wedding based on the weather that day and everything turned out beautifully.  I loved how flexible and easy to work with they are.  The hair and makeup team Kyle chose (Dan Sanchez) were fabulous and the cake was beautiful and delicious.  Most importantly, the pictures were amazing and we have gorgeous memories of everyone who attended our wedding.  We did two shoots so we could get both the sunset (immediately after the wedding) and the mid-morning light.  There are so many amazing pictures to choose from and the quality, even on really big canvas and metal prints is stunning.  Thank you Kyle and Lena!  –Cindy and Jeff Ross