Frequently Asked Questions

How do I proof my photos online?

1. Login using the link and password provided by LeLuxe Hawaii
2. At the top right corner click “Select Photos”
3. Choose your favorite images
To save your images
4. Click “Add To Favorites”
5. Enter required information to create a free account
6. Once you have finished choosing your favorite images, at the top left corner click “My Selection”
7. At the top right corner click “Share Favorites” then “Share”
8. Congratulations! You have shared your favorites with Leluxe Hawaii! You will receive your final link within 24 hours


If you have any question please feel free to contact us: 801-472-9526

How do I download photos?
To download your images, please follow the following instructions:
1. From your computer login using the new link provided by LeLuxe Hawaii
2. At the top right corner click “Select Photos”
3. At the top left click “All”
4. At the top right click “Download”
5. Click on the provided zip link
6. Congratulations, the download has started
If you have further question, please feel free to give us a call: 801-472-9526
What Time Does The Sunset Happen?

Approximate sunset times for Maui:

Sunset Times
January 1 5:57 PM
January 15 6:04 PM
February 1 6:17 PM
February 15 6:24 PM
March 1 6:30 PM
March 15 6:35 PM
April 1 6:40 PM
April 15 6:44 PM
May 1 6:50 PM
May 15 6:56 PM
June 1 7:03 PM
June 15 7:07 PM
July 1 7:10 PM
July 15 7:09 PM
August 1 7:03 PM
August 15 6:54 PM
September 1 6:41 PM
September 15 6:28 PM
October 1 6:13 PM
October 15 6:01 PM
November 1 5:50 PM
November 15 5:44 PM
December 1 5:44 PM
December 15 5:47 PM
What happens if it rains or we have bad weather?

Sometimes we do run into the situation where weather is an issue. If there is rain, wind or some other weather issue at the agreed upon beach we are almost always able to move our event to another location where the weather is better. If there is no other location that is suitable for the event on the date agreed on, we can always reschedule to a different day. In the many years that we have been doing this we have only had to reschedule a handful of events, so this is a rare situation.

What is your policy on deposits?

By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the terms of the agreed upon package. Your confirmation will be emailed to you within 48 hours of paying the deposit.  All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The deposit is the minimum amount for us to reserve the date for you. We often do have the ability to move your event to a different date if needed. There may be a change fee to do so.

Do you have a travel fee?

Yes and no. For the south and north sides of Maui there is no travel fee. Unless otherwise stated in your agreement, we do charge a travel fee for shoots at any other location. For current travel fee rates please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a question for us?

We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions either by phone or e-mail.