I loved every single picture! – Chung Family

Dec 9, 2015

My family and I came to Maui to celebrate our baby girl first birthday. After I planned the trip and bought airplane tickets and make the hotel reservation and all the trip logistics. I found myself looking and researching one by one in each photographer that I found online from Maui.
Trust me I like shopping, like every woman in this world right?

So I looked and looked and finally I found Leluxe Hawaii, and oh boy!! let me tell you it wasn’t hard to decided after seeing their portfolio and how quickly they got back to me.  If I knew them when I was planning My wedding I had choose them but unfortunately I didn’t.

So anyways long story short, Kyle and Lena are amazing I loved every single pictures that they took from our baby and all of us. We had a great time in the session and love the location as well.

Great experience, great experience and great experience!!!!