Kyle Evanko

Kyle has dedicated his life to love and beauty. From an early age Kyle grew up interested in photography and it was his faith that inspired him to travel to the Ukraine for two years, learning Russian so he was able to spread the word of God. His travels eventually brought Kyle to Maui where he is happily raising his three children and working as a minister and photographer.

Through his work as a minister and photographer Kyle has had the unique opportunity to participate in various aspects of weddings, learning the distinct subtleties that elevate a couple’s special day. He has performed ceremonies for over 150 people throughout the island and professionally photographed more than 500 different events. By getting to know you and celebrating the individual spirit of your love, Kyle orchestrates a breathtaking ceremony reflective of your unique relationship.

Kyle approaches every photography shoot with equal enthusiasm and passion. He uses extensive experience of his art and of your event to identify and magnificently capture the candid emotion that makes a photograph come to life, turning a moment into a memory that lasts a lifetime. Kyle also masterfully mixes natural and artificial lighting for impeccable, timeless shots regardless of the location or size of the event.

Above all else Kyle possesses a genuine love for life, beauty, and sincerity. Through ministry and photography he is able to share that aloha-spirit with others and provide a professional, friendly service that delivers incredible results.

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