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Our couple’s photography packages make for the perfect souvenir from your trip to the islands.  Our staff can help pick the perfect secluded location for your romantic shoot and help you capture the love and affection between the special couple.  


Professional Couple Photographer

At LeLuxe Photography and Events we have many years’ experience of capturing the love between couples. All of our photographers are easy to work with and create a comfortable environment for everyone involved. Our session aren’t of the department store variety, where we just suggest pose after pose.  Instead, our primary goal is for everyone to be relaxed and have fun. When that happens, we know you’ll be pleased with the pictures.


As professional photographers, we have a passion to capture the love and intimacy in exciting and creative ways. Our beautiful locations, including beaches and other natural spots, provide gorgeous backgrounds to your photos that are unavailable anywhere else in the world. If you’re visiting the Island of Maui on vacation, or even if you call it home, get the best couples photos with Leluxe’s couples photography package.

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