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“Photo Adventure tours was the best activity that we did!” Says San from California


Are you prepared to have what you might end up calling the most spectacular activity in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are breathtaking tropical islands to visit but commercial photography is only allowed at certain designated areas.  Keeping that in mind LeLuxe Hawaii would love to invite you to join with us in exploring Hawaii on a Photo Adventure Tour with a knowledgable and experienced local guide who will share current information about some activities and food places to visit while having on-site professional photos taken.

LeLuxe Hawaii is offering 2 to 5 hour Photo Adventure Tours for the major islands of Hawaii, with a knowledgable local guide who is also a professional photographer.  Together we can discuss the various Photo Adventure packages LeLuxe Hawaii has to offer so you can choose the one that is best suited for you.  On our guided tour, you will visit 3 to 5 different locations, have opportunity to change wardrobe, and have full personal use print release, full resolution photos with an online gallery from which you can download and share the images as well!

Our currently offered tours are:

South Side Tour typically including:

*World renound beaches
*Old lava flows where time seems to stop
*Lava cliffs with dramatic views
And more

North Shore Tour typically includes visiting:

*Peaceful beaches that lure turtles in often leaving tracks in the sand
*Scenic valley with meandering river and natural rainforest
*Rustic Upcountry forest
*Bamboo forest (great for that Asian feel in your pictures)
And more

West Side Tour typically includes visiting:

*An impressive Hawaiian jungle
*Picturesque white sand beach
*Grassy knoll with panoramic views
And more

Each of these adventures, has its own beauty about it!  Typically,  we like to do morning shoots because the colors are more bright and vivid and for photography.  Also, we are not racing against the sun appearing to set early because of heavy cloud cover or incase there is unexpected traffic.

Choosing which adventure might prove difficult.  Because of this we offer discounts for multiple tours.  The best part is that you will be able to share and re-live your Hawaii adventure for years to come through the on-site professional photos that you receive.

We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can plan the Photo Adventure with LeLuxe Hawaii you may have never realized you were dreaming of.

We would be honored to share your special moments with you as photographers. Lean on us, we will take great care of your dreams while having fun together. Click Here to find out what others say about us.

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