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We take special care when you come to us for a high school senior photo shoot. The staff at LeLuxe Photography and Events spends time getting to know our high school seniors to make sure the photos are as unique as the student.

Professional Senior Photos

Over the years we have worked with many seniors, all with their unique personalities and interests. Our photos capture the uniqueness of each individual due to the care we take in scheduling and setting up the shoot according to the model’s personality.  


As professional photographers with years of experience, we are full of creative senior picture ideas that are sure to set each image apart.  Our goal during any of our shoots is to have fun with it.  When we’re having fun the smiles are genuine and the ‘poses’ are natural.  Our location on the island of Maui gives us plenty of backdrops and settings to work with. We use a combination of natural and artificial light, ensuring the best exposure and amazing results.  

Senior Photography Maui – LeluxeHawaii

Contact us today to learn more about our senior photography packages and how we can help you capture the photos you are looking for. We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with our clients and will strive to make sure you receive the pictures you deserve.

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