Wedding Tips

This is your special day! A day filled with beauty, fun, while at the same time is a foundation for the rest of your life. So, relax, enjoy this moment, we will make it last forever for you.
  1. The day before your wedding, it is be best to rest and get a good night sleep. This way on your special day, you are fresh and full of energy. Additionally, on the day before your wedding, it is best to avoid alcohol, fatty foods and excessive amounts of water. Doing so will reduce any chance of swelling, redness or other imperfections, so you will look great on your day!
2.  A few tips specifically for brides on your special day: Clean and neat makeup is very important. If you use foundational cream, there shouldn’t be a contrast between your face and neck. It is best for photos that your blush is pinkish. We recommend that you only wear mascara on your top eyelashes. It is best that your mascara is waterproof (tearproof). To make your eyes look bigger, it is best to use light colors on the upper eye lid. Also, artificial eye lashes are very beautiful. To visually enhance your lips, put a lot of lip gloss in the middle of your lips, but it is best to use the services of a professional makeup and hair artist. To see prices Click Here!

3. If the bride’s dress is strapless, it is best to be mindful of that in the days, or weeks, before the wedding to avoid tan lines. It is very important to use sunscreen, and be very careful while enjoying Hawaii, not to get sunburnt. DO NOT use artificial sun tanning sprays, they often leave uneven spots or stripes. We recommend not wearing sunglasses while tanning, to avoid white lines around eyes.

4. How to act in front of the camera during the ceremony: Pay attention to how Hollywood actors or major political figures act in front of the camera. You will see that they try to move slowly, to give the photographers a chance to take more and better pictures. Additionally, they act calm, and are open in front of the camera. That is why their smiles and poses seem natural, comfortable and beautiful. This is especially important during the ceremony, use their examples and slow down, don’t be in a hurry, and be open to the camera. When you are putting the rings onto one another, go slow and smile. This is also very important when signing the marriage certificate and during the lei exchange. Your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. is also very important! Passionate kisses don’t always turn out well on the camera, make your kisses modest, beautiful, and a maybe even a little childish. During this kiss close your eyes, doing so will make the picture look more natural.

5. Before the pre-wedding shoot it is best for the pictures to have the room clean and free of clutter. It is best to put the dress on during the pre wedding shoot and not before. Additionally, please the bouquet, rings and any other props in the room so we can shoot those small details before the ceremony. If there are any other props that might be special for you on that day, please let us know so we can use those while shooting.
6. To get the best lighting at you wedding, it is best to do either a morning wedding (from 8:00-10:00 am) or in the evening (1-2 hours before sunset).
It is characteristic of your wedding day for the bride and groom to be nervous and worry, even about the littlest things. Both of you need to disregard any worries and think that this is the brightest and most happy day of your lives, which is only for you! Relax, laugh, dream, and have fun! After all, it’s your day!

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