How do I proof my photos online?

1. Login using the link and password provided by LeLuxe Hawaii

2. At the top right corner click “Select Photos”

3. Choose your favorite images

To save your images

4. Click “Add To Favorites”

5. Enter required information to create a free account

6. Once you have finished choosing your favorite images, at the top left corner click “My Selection”

7. At the top right corner click “Share Favorites” then “Share”

8. Congratulations! You have shared your favorites with Leluxe Hawaii! You will receive your final link within 24 hours


If you have any question please feel free to contact us: 801-472-9526


How do I download photos?

To download your images, please follow the following instructions:


1. From your computer login using the new link provided by LeLuxe Hawaii

2. At the top right corner click “Select Photos”

3. At the top left click “All”

4. At the top right click “Download”

5. Click on the provided zip link

6. Congratulations, the download has started


If you have further question, please feel free to give us a call: 801-472-9526


What Time Does The Sunset Happen?

Approximate sunset times for Maui:

Sunset Times


January 1

5:57 PM

January 15

6:04 PM

February 1

6:17 PM

February 15

6:24 PM

March 1

6:30 PM

March 15

6:35 PM

April 1

6:40 PM

April 15

6:44 PM

May 1

6:50 PM

May 15

6:56 PM

June 1

7:03 PM

June 15

7:07 PM

July 1

7:10 PM

July 15

7:09 PM

August 1

7:03 PM

August 15

6:54 PM

September 1

6:41 PM

September 15

6:28 PM

October 1

6:13 PM

October 15

6:01 PM

November 1

5:50 PM

November 15

5:44 PM

December 1

5:44 PM

December 15

5:47 PM



What happens if it rains or we have bad weather?

Sometimes we do run into the situation where weather is an issue. If there is rain, wind or some other weather issue at the agreed upon beach we are almost always able to move our event to another location where the weather is better. If there is no other location that is suitable for the event on the date agreed on, we can always reschedule to a different day. In the many years that we have been doing this we have only had to reschedule a handful of events, so this is a rare situation.


What is your policy on deposits?

By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the terms of the agreed upon package. Your confirmation will be emailed to you within 48 hours of paying the deposit.  All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The deposit is the minimum amount for us to reserve the date for you. We often do have the ability to move your event to a different date if needed. There may be a change fee to do so. The remaining balance, minus the deposit, is due the day of the shoot or event. We are always grateful for any gratuities that clients might wish to give. If you wish to a credit or debit card a card fee of up to 6% will be added to the charge.


When Is the Final Payment Due?

Your final payment is due the day of the shoot, after you are done with your photographer. We typically do not start postproduction until after the final payment is made.


Do you have a travel fee?

Yes and no. For the south and north sides of Maui there is no travel fee. Unless otherwise stated in your agreement, we do charge a travel fee for shoots at any other location. For current travel fee rates please feel free to contact us.


Should I give a gratuity, who does it go to?

Our Team at LeLuxe Hawaii is always grateful for any gratuities given! You are welcome to give in cash the day of your shoot or through our payment system. When given through our payment system, they are split between the photographer, the one who did the editing and the person you worked with for the booking.


Do we have to have a beach permit?

Due to COVID-19 related changes instituted by the state of Hawaii, Unfortunately, ALL commercial activities on the beaches of Maui have to have a beach permit. This includes photography shoots as well as weddings. LeLuxe Hawaii is now required pull a permit for each activity and a permit fee of $30-$50 will be added to each event. 

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) §13-221-35 requires persons conducting commercial activities on State unencumbered land to obtain a permit from the Department.

Commercial activity for which a permit is required would include a beach wedding, a baby christening, or a memorial service, as possible examples. Commercial activity, pursuant to HAR §13-221-2, "means the use of or activity on state land for which compensation is received by any person for goods or services or both rendered to customers or participants in that use or activity ... "

Effective immediately Wiki Permit users shall comply with all State and county COVID-19 proclamations, orders and rules applicable to the county in which a permitted event is planned.


What does your editing include?

Basic editing is included in most packages. Our editing process includes general color correction, brightness adjustments and cropping as well as deleting "photobombers". For "fly away hair", "headswaps", "skin smoothing" and other more advanced editing is unfortunately not offered at this time.